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• Payments will be taken via Paypal only.
• I will start only when full payment is received.
• Refunds are not accepted.


• I won’t share the commissioned artwork or presenting it in my portfolios/artbooks if you don’t want me to do it.
• I maintain the right to refuse any commission.
• You can requests for revisions 3 times per step (sketch, line and colo), so make sure to mention everything.
• You will only receive the digital art file on wetransfer, e-mail, fiverr or instagram. No printed art.
• The artwork will be signed
• You are paying for a personalised piece of art, but not for the commercial rights, thus it remains for personal uses.


• Personal use means the artwork is not made to generate profit and will always contain the credits.
• Commercial use means the artwork is made to directly generate profit with sales and might not contain the credits.
• Thus, making art inspired from copyrighted content is legal, but getting money from it is not UNLESS you have the owner’s permission or it’s public domain.

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