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Hi! I'm Chloe, a 20 yo artist born and raised in the south of France (near Marseille).


I currently am a student in animation, concept art, storyboard, chara-design and much more. I'm always curious to discover new ideas, especially when there's that little folklore touch: not all children grow up ! I love making short animations (or animatics) based on my favourite shows, my own experiences or even my own fantasy world.


For digital art, I am using an IPad Pro 5th generation. I am mainly drawing on Procreate, and PS CS6 for small edits.
Traditional art is mainly made with Promarkers. I’m very comfortable with pencils and paints too, as long as I can play with colors! Finally, I really love making commissions: it allows me to discover your world and your ideas! You guys can be incredibly inspiring!


When not with my pens, I'm either with horses, making music, reading or traveling !

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